Steps to setup CodeGuard

  • Login to CodeGuard Panel.
  • Now you  need to connect your website
  • Enter Website name & Ftp details and click “Test Website Connection”.
  • Once FTP connection is successful, you will able to see root directory selection option.
  • Tick the directory which you want to backup and click “Select Root Directory
  • After selecting “Root Directory” you can choose which all files you need to include and exclude from backup and click “Begin First Backup”.
  • Once capture code is completed, you will get 2 options “Add Database Now” or “Go To Dashboard” you can select any option

(here we are selecting “Add Database Now”)

  • Enter your Database hostname or IP and click “Test Connection


  • Now codeguard will check if it is able to connect to destination database or not.
  • It will show some IPs which is recommended to be whitelisted on the server.
  • Whitelist the same also enter IPs under “Allow  remote connection” and click “Next


  • Now enter your Database Hostname, username, and password and click “Next Step
  • Once the connection is established, select database from the list and click “Add Databases”.
  • The process will backup the database and it will display step by step process activity.
  • Once the backup process gets completed you will able to see your backup status under “Files” as well as “Databases” tab.

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