How to create email address in Plesk?

  • Log into plesk panel
  • Go to Mail and then click Create Email Address.
  • Specify the following mailbox settings:

Email address. Type the left part of the email address before the @ sign, and, if you have several domain names on your account, select the domain name under which the email address will be created.

Password. Set the password for accessing the mailbox. If you keep the option “Can be used to log in to Plesk “  selected, the user will use the mailbox password also for logging in to Plesk.

If you need to change the password for a mail account, do the following:

  1. Go to Mail, and click the email address.
  2. Type a new password and confirm it, then click OK.

To set up email forwarding for an email address:

  1. Go to Mail > email address > Forwarding tab.
  2. Select the Switch on mail forwarding checkbox.
  3. Specify one or several email addresses to which email must be forwarded. When specifying email addresses, separate them with white spaces, commas, semicolons, or type each of them on a new line.
  4. Click OK.
  5. If you do not want to keep copies of forwarded messages in the mailbox, go to Mail > email address, clear the Mailbox checkbox, and click OK.

To switch off mail forwarding:

  1. Go to Mail > email address > Forwarding tab.
  2. Clear the Switch on mail forwarding checkbox, and click OK.

Check disk usage for email accounts: If you need to check disk usage for a mail account, go to Mail tab and check the Usage gauge for the mail account in question. You can see actual usage for all mail accounts by clicking Refresh Usage Stats. Keep in mind that all mail sent to a mail account whose usage is greater than the mailbox size will be rejected.

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