IP addresses management in Plesk

In Plesk you can see the list of registered IP addresses, add, and manage them.

Every IP address registered in Plesk must be designated as either dedicated or shared.

  • A dedicated IP address is bound to a single account (Plesk administrator, Customer, or Reseller). It can be used to host multiple websites as long as they belong to the same account.
  • A shared IP address can be shared among any number of websites regardless if they belong to the same account or not.

Listing registered IP addresses

To view the list of IP addresses registered in Plesk along with essential information such as the IP address type or the number of websites hosted on a given IP address, go to  Tools & Settings > IP Addresses.


Adding IP addresses

  1. Go to  Tools & Settings > IP Addresses.
  2. Click Add IP Address.
  3. Select the network interface for the new IP from the  Interface menu.
  4. Enter the IP address and the subnet mask in the corresponding box. For example, or 2002:7b7b:7b7b::1/64.
  5. Set the Public IP address. If you are adding a private IP address you plan to use to host public-facing websites, you can pair it with a public IP address by typing it in the Set the Public IP address field. This IP address will be used in A records of the domains hosted on this IP.
  6. Select whether the new IP address will be shared or dedicated.
  7. Select the default SSL/TLS certificate to use for the new IP address. By default, every IP address is secured with the default (self-signed) certificate. 
  8. Click  OK to add the IP address.

Updating the list of IP addresses

You can update the list of IP addresses in Plesk. This registers all IP addresses present on the server’s network interfaces in Plesk. This can be useful when you have added an IP address manually on the server.

To update the list of IP addresses:

  1. Go to  Tools & Settings > IP Addresses.
  2. Click Reread IP.

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