Steps to Route in Gsuite:

Step 1:
1.Login to admin panel
2.Go to Apps>G suite>Setting for Gmail>Advanced settings
3.Go to Hosts.
4.Give the name as “server”.
5.Under Specify email server:
a) Select single host.
b) Enter server IP and port 25.
c) Click on save.

Step 2:

  1. Under general settings.
  2. Go to routing.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. Under Messages to affect:
    a) Select “inbound” and “Internal – receiving”.
    6.Select Change route.
    7.Select the secondary mail route from the list(server).
    8.Scroll down and click Save.
  5. Under “Account types to affect”

Select “Unrecognized / Catch-all” and deselect “Users”

Note: Also add the forwarder for the Email ID present in google apps.


and only select the option available in steps, the rest should be left blanked or unchecked

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