How to install SSL certificate in Cpanel?

Step 1: Create CSR from Cpanel

  1. Login to Cpanel.
  2. Click on SSL/TLS
  3. Click on certificate signing request (CSR)
  4. Enter the details.
  5. Click on generate.
  6. The CSR will be generated.

Step 2: After CSR generation provide the CSR to SSL certificate provider. They will provide you verification method to complete verification process.

Step 3: Once you have completed the verification process, the SSL provider will provide you with the SSL certificate file.

Step 4: Uploading SSL certificate file in Cpanel.

  1. Login to Cpanel.
  2. Click on SSL/TLS.
  3. Click on Install and manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)
  4. Select the domain name for which you are installing the SSL from the Domain drop down menu.
  5. Copy/Paste the certificate into the CRT field. The code can be found in the file “.crt
  6. Copy/Paste  the private key that was generated with the CSR.
  7. Copy/paste the CA Bundle.
  8. Click on install certificate.

Step 5: Once you have installed the certificate you need to add redirection from HTTP to HTTPS with the help of your developer. You can refer to below code.

Create a .htaccess file under the site’s directory and add the following lines to it. In case there already exists a .htaccess in your site’s directory, carefully edit it to add these lines:

RewriteEngine On 
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off 
RewriteRule (.*) https://<common_name>%{REQUEST_URI}

Note: <common_name> needs to be replaced by the Common Name for which the Digital Certificate is issued.

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