How to check disk space in Linux (command line)


The df command stands for “disk-free,” and shows available and used disk space on the Linux system.

df -h shows disk space in human-readable format

df -T shows the disk usage along with each block’s filesystem type (e.g., xfs, ext2, ext3, btrfs, etc.)

df -i shows used and free inodes


du shows the disk usage of files, folders, etc. in the default kilobyte size

  • du -h shows disk usage in human-readable format for all directories and subdirectories

C:- count total space size of folder

  • du -a shows disk usage for all files
  • du -s provides total disk space used by a particular file or directory

How to search the disk size of files from folder and delete or empty the big size file

First goto the the perticuler folder using “cd” command

cd  /tmp

then type below command to check the size of files from folders

du -chs *

How to delete and erase the files

  • Enter below command for deleting the file
rm -rvf test2.txt

command explanation: –

 -r, -R, –recursive

              remove directories and their contents recursively

 -v, –verbose

              explain what is being done

-f, –force

              ignore nonexistent files and arguments, never prompt

  • Enter below command for empty the big size file
# > file_name

              Example: –

                       # > test1.txt

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